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Copyright Infringement Notification

Jellybean Advertising offers a range of services to members to allow them to create and use concepts created by themselves. Jellybean Advertising takes prides in the knowledge that we act fast if a member has created a concept or design that is in direct infringement of copyright laws. Members take full responsibility of any infringement that takes place via their membersip as membersip all log in information should be kept safe. 

We are committed to helping copyright holders remove allegedly infringing content from our site. If you are a copyright owner or an agent thereof, and you believe that any content hosted on Jellybean Advertising network sites infringes upon your copyrights, then you may submit a notification pursuant to the UK Copyright Act by filling out our copyright infringement form.

Our form of notice specified below is consistent with the form suggested by the United Kingdom Copyright Act (the text of which can be found at the U.K. Copyright Office Web Site, http://www.copyright.gov).

IMPORTANT: Please note that any person who knowingly, misrepresents that material or activity is committing infringement and may be subject to liability. Don't make false claims! Please also note that the information provided in this legal notice may be forwarded to the person who provided the alleged infringing content.

Copyright Complaint Form

What if I receive a Copyright Complaint?

Jellybean Advertising will automatically send you an email and let you know that a Copyright Complaint has been received for the content you created using Jellybean Advertising apps. Additionally the content claimed as containing the copyrighted material will be removed from Jellybean Advertising network sites at the request of the content's owner. If your account receives multiple copyright complaints, you may lose the ability to create new content on Jellybean Advertising network sites and your account may be disabled completely.

If you believe that your Jellybean Advertising content was removed in error, you have the option to file a counter - notification. When we receive a valid counter - notification, we will forward a copy to the person who filed the original complaint. If we do not receive notice within 10 business days that the submitter of the original complaint is seeking a court order to prevent further infringement of the content at issue, we will remove the complaint from your account's record, and we may replace the content that was removed.

If you elect to send us a counter notice, please submit our Copyright Counter-notification form.